Continuing and Distance Education Program (CDEP)

Since its establishment, JJU has been investing great efforts to meet the demand of higher education by taking the mandate to solve the shortage of qualified human power in the Region.

Currently, about 9,798 students are enrolled in continuing education programs in summer, evening and weekend setups in different disciplines.

The Continuing and Distance Education Program (CDEP) office is working to expand its weekend programs to a neighboring country, Somaliland, Hargiesa City in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the coming Academic Year.  Furthermore, the office of CDEP will start distance education program in Warder, Gode and Filtu in seven departments.

The major achievements that have been met in this Academic Year in the weekend programs outside Jigjiga, evening, summer and distance programs are listed here under.

•A total of 935 students were accepted and received in degree program in this Academic Year, 2016/17 according to MOE university entry criteria. About 255 students have already registered for weekend education outside Jigjiga in Gode, Qebridehar, Deghabour and Fik centers. They have been attending in the Departments of Management, Public Administration, Accounting and Finance.

• In Jigjiga Center, 680 students of Evening and Weekend programs have been enrolled in the departments of Management, Public Administration, Accounting and Finance, Civil Engineering, IT, Food Science and Nutrition, and Arabic Language.

•CDEP office has made possible for the students to have an access for all important information through the Student Management Information Systems (SIMS)

•To improve the quality of education in weekend Program outside Jigjiga, the CDEP has made program change (additional teaching time table and travel schedule) in order to provide enough time for course coverage and appropriate continuous assessments.

•The Office has already fulfilled important educational and office materials to all weekend centers (Gode, Qebridehar, Degahabour, Fik and Shinille).

•With the strong commitment and great efforts of the CDEP office, Colleges, Departments, Registrar Office and other stakeholders, it was made possible to graduate a total of 628 Evening and Weekend students who fulfilled the minimum requirement for graduation in different field of studies in this Academic Year.

Lastly, the CDEP office wants to thank all its students, partners, academic and administrative staffs and stakeholders for all the commitments, and wishes warmest congratulations to all the graduates of this year in all programs.

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