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Engineering Park
Importance of Engineering Park

Some Scholars comprehensively explains the importance of engineering parks as follows
“Engineering Park provides common ground for Technology students that heal and provide aesthetic pleasure. They are civic spaces where people Learn, work and recreate to nourish themselves, their families and friends. The parkers’ shared labour also builds a stronger sense of belonging to their physical environment and connection to other parkers. Community parks are the collective effort of people with the patience and determination to make things grow.”

Major components

The engineering park includes

Gravity Dam: used for water impoundment and demonstration to students
Arch Dam: used for water impoundment specially at the abetment of reservoir instead of saddle dam and teaching purpose
Hydropower scheme with its major components like penstock and power house: used to demonstration and teaching purpose
Irrigation and drainage scheme used to teaching and esthetical purpose

• Provides Hands-On and Participatory Teaching Opportunities within Existing Programs: A list of colleges, schools, departments, and individual classes at the Jigjiga University that could use a Engineering & Technology park  as an outdoor classroom includes, but is not limited to the:

Engineering & Technology
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Dry land Agriculture
College of Education and Behavioural Studies
College of Natural and Computational Science

We feel student ownership and involvement is important for a successful campus community park (Engineering Park). There will be an open invitation to all departments and colleges to use the park as an outdoor classroom; but we do not intend for any one particular department or college to take sole responsibility for the park.

• Fosters Interdisciplinary Pursuits: Considering the various programs of studies that could use the campus community parks as a teaching tool, there are many opportunities for interdisciplinary pursuits. We hope that collaborations between departments will grow organically.

• Encourages Peer-to-Peer Learning: A Engineering Park has always been a location for communal learning. Individuals from different backgrounds, different majors, and with different levels of parking experience will all be working together, Sharing conversation and offering parking tips while working in the park.

• Builds Relationships with Community Organizations: Community organizations have provided input and feedback throughout the planning and proposal process for the Engineering and Technology Park. 

• Keeps JJU Competitive with Peer Institutions: The Real Quality Education Challenge is a national campaign to engage college students in understanding the existing and new Engineering skills as a whole and help students become advocate for “real” Knowledge on their college campuses.

Site selection

Location/Site  currently we have identified is the space found  between collage of engineering and Block 12 which is  the location that meet the basic criteria of an engineering:  in terms of space, access to water and light, aesthetic value (visibility)  and relative short distance from Engineering and Technology collage.

The location is

• Accessible to students because it is located near to the class rooms
• Accessible to visitors and the campus community because it is located near to the main access road of the campus and almost at the centre of the compound
• Nearby CoET faculty and graduating students in Four Towers provides opportunities for engagement with the park
• Converts currently underutilized space into an attractive park
• Easy vehicle access for dumping of compost and other heavy items
• Easy access to restrooms for sanitary needs, including showers.
• Large roof areas of Block-12 and Block-5, provide multiple opportunities for water collection via cistern or rain barrels.
-Cuts long term water costs and avoids conflicts with watering ban.
• Large space also facilitates construction of a storage shed for tools and an education area
Location of selected site plan
Engineering park
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