As an ICT infrastructure is the backbone of the University, the ICT Directorate this year firstly tried to fill the human resource gaps in the first phase. Thus, 18 new different experts in the ICT sector were employed which this raised the number of total staffs into 28.

In 2009 E.C Academic Year, the Directorate installed standard computer networks in 20 computer laboratories and in five G+2 class and staff buildings and in two computer centers in the main library. 1,920 computers are joined to the campus network in all the mentioned areas which this makes the total number of computers joined to the network more than 3200.

The total University wide internet bandwidth has been upgraded from 110mb to 300mb to allow all the University community use internet service without any speed related barriers. 15 wireless devices are deployed in libraries and outside office buildings to deliver Wi-Fi service for students during their spare times.

Similarly, The Directorate managed to run four major systems, SIMS, ONE CARD SYSTEM, INSTITUTIONAL EMAIL (OFFICE 365) and DIGITAL LIBRARY without any network and power interruption.

A bid related to renovate the Main Data Center, LAN and WLAN infrastructures has been evaluated and is expected to be completed within 5 months. The Data Center is designed to the highest standard and it is a turnkey solution. The LAN and WLAN are designed to cover the campus 100% including student dormitories and staff residences.

Cisco network academy has been started which enables to give industrial certification in the computer network profession for students and others. The academy runs by its own revenue collected from learners. 15 network processionals have trained so far. For 2010 E.C, it has been planned to open two additional academies; Oracle and Microsoft.

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