The main objective of the Enterprise is to conduct practice oriented teaching-learning and research in a manner that increase internal revenue of the University; ensuring community service outreach of the University by generating, copying and adapting technological and scientific innovations.

In general, the Enterprise is eligible to be engaged in consultancy and other services, independent contract works, production and distribution sectors mainly by employing its academic staffs from different departments and may hire from outside based on demands.

The Enterprise is currently engaged in printing press and promotion works, food supply, wood and metal works, stationary and furniture supply, students’ lounge, campus beautification and greening, and construction and painting.

With these sections, the Enterprise has been engaged in contract works amount to more than 18,000,000 ETB with Jigjiga University, Jigjiga University Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital, and with the Region’s Education Bureau.
On the basis of integrating the teaching-learning process with the production capacity enhancement and thereby create internal revenue generation mechanism, Jigjiga University’s Business Enterprise was officially launched on September 2016 by the University Board in pursuant to article 66 and 6 of Higher Academic Institutions Proclamation No. 650/2009 and Public Enterprises Proclamation No. 25/1992. Hence, Jigjiga University Business Enterprise is an autonomous and legally independent university owned business organization.
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