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IRO ( International Relations Office )

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More about IRO

International Relations Office Directorate develops university wide leadership to build and sustain quality education at Jigjiga University on par with the international standards. Bringing new technology, knowledge and practices in vogue to JJU through MOU's with various world class Universities

- International Agreements
- Collaborative Research and Development
- Resources and Fund Mobilization
- Community Development

To respond to swiftly changing external environment, JJU had established the office of the Directorate (International Relations) in the year 2017. Ever since, Directorate has become one of the most important organs in providing assistance to the administrators, faculty and students community of the university in enhancing their abilities to adopt practices which are in vogue. The directorate actively associating with international universities and research institutions to get the mutual benefit in addressing the current needs and problems of the society

Mr. Tingirtu G/Tsadik (Director)
email : iro@jju.edu.et
Ph : +251 923177679

Dr. Hashim Yonis (Deputy Director)
email : iro@jju.edu.et
Ph : +251 908998596

Dr. Nandeeswara Rao
(Officer,International Acedemic Research & Affairs)
email : pnraao@jju.edu.et
Ph : +251 932319328

Dr. Y Jagannadha Rao
(Officer,International Research & Fund Mobilization)
email : yjrao@jju.edu.et
Ph : +251 925633657

Mr. Elyas Abdi Ismail(Officer - Internal Affairs)
email : erdoganamin100@gmail.com
Ph : +251 915224186

Ms. Selam Kiflu(Officer - Public Relations)
email : christholic19@gmail.com
Ph : +251 942992715

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