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Community Service Directorate (CSD)

The aim of this Community Services Directorate is to maintain and enhance one of the University's objectives - serving the community - by being significant contributor of intellectual, educational, cultural and other services.

Ever since the Directorate was formed, it has been carrying out a number of activities in various aspects of its programs. Recently, it has tremendously expanded its outreach in terms of teaching and other community services. These include:

  • The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education program has been given to 365 secondary and preparatory students selected from the Ethiopian Somali Regional State (ESRS).
  • More than 70,000 reference books were donated to various preparatory and secondary schools of ESRS.
  • Full-fledged libraries have been established for three preparatory and secondary schools.
  • Technical drawing training was given to 1280 students from Jigjiga Preparatory and Senior Secondary School.
  • Free legal aid services have been given to more than 72 individuals.
  • Veterinary health care services were given to more than 19, 386 livestock in the drought affected areas of the ESRS.
  • Complete library equipments and chemicals have been donated to Bursaredo Health Center in Addadle Wereda of Shabelle Zone.

JJU Community Service reaches the pastoralists in need: Primary veterinary health services - vaccination and treatment - provision for draught affected animals, Dolo Zone

Reaching the local secondary schools : Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim (Right), JJU President handing laboratory equipments to Mr. Ibrahim Mehad (Left), ESRS Education Bureau Head