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College of Social Sciences and Humanities

The College of Social Sciences & Humanities (CSSH) was established in 2000 E.C. /2008 G.C. just a year after the inauguration of the University. Today, the College keeps the vision of the University alive through its extensive teaching, research, field and community engagement action programs.

CSSH encompasses different areas of disciplines under it. Currently, it comprises eight departments in undergraduate programs: Sociology, Journalism and Communications, Ethiopian Languages and Literature, English Language and Literature, Geography and Environmental Studies, History and Heritage Management, Political Science and International Relations, and Arabic Language and Literature. Moreover, the College together with SGS has opened M.A degree programs in Disaster Risk Management and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

The College has also finalized its preparations to launch two graduate programs (i.e. MA in Sociology and MSc. in Climate Change and Development) and one undergraduate program in Social Works.

Major accomplishments this year

This year, the College has been tirelessly working to make a community FM Radio operational which is hoped to serve as a practical tool to enhance the capacity of our students and also as a means to reach the community JJU strives to serve.

The main achievements the College undertaken in 2016/2017 A/Y include:

  • The implementation of model class rooms management system and online student data management system .
  • Most faculty members have secured Medium Research Project grants from the University Research Directorate to conduct multidisciplinary researches in diverse areas. Researchers entitled “Educational quality and cooperative learning” and “Jigjga City expansion and Land Cover Change and Dynamics Using GIS and remote sensing Instruments” have been completed and disseminated to users.
  • A collaborative research projects on Menstrual Hygiene Management on Selected Schools of the Ethiopian Somali Regional State and Baseline Survey on Regional Vital Registration Experience have been conducted with the financial grants secured from UNICEF and the Ethiopian Somali Regional State Vital Events Bureau respectively.
  • The 1st National conference entitled “Migration, Trafficking in persons and Child Abuse” was held on March 2017 in collaboration with DRTTP, IOM and Ethiopian Societies of Sociologists, Social Anthropologists and Social workers (ESSSWA). Over 90 academicians, researchers, policy makers, consultants, practitioners and other concerned stakeholders in the domain of interest have attended the two days conference.
  • The College also organized a seminar on reading - ‘Reading Day’ - aimed at promoting student’s reading habit in the University and in the country in general.
  • Similarly, the Department of History and Heritage Management celebrated Adowa and Ethiopian patriot’s day. Discussions were held on the role of women in the battle of Adowa and the symbolic role of Adowa for other African Nations. During the Ethiopian Patriots Day, a discussion was held on Africa’s Champions of Anti-Colonialism: Signifying the symbolic role played by Seyid Hasen Mohammed Abdule and the Danan Concentration camp.
  • The Department of Sociology in collaboration with Ethiopian Societies of Sociologists, Social Anthropologists and Social workers (ESSSWA) organized a 3 days practical training on Evidence Based Child Intervention and SPSS for graduating students of the Department.