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Somali Language

Institute of Somali Language and Literature Studies

Mac’hadka Daraasaadka Af-soomaaliga iyo Suugaanta

The Somali Language and Literature Studies Institute is one of the newly launched institutes of Jigjiga University which was established in the beginning of 2006 E.C. Currently, the Institute offers a degree program in regular, summer and extension delivery modes.

Around 46 first batch students of the Institute have graduated this academic year, the first degree level graduates in the history of Somali language study.

The Institute has been engaged in carrying out different researches related with the language and oral traditions of the Region. A research on the ‘Ethiopian Somali Regional State Heritage Inventory’ was conducted together with JJU Research, Publication and Technology Transfer Directorate.

Similarly, a research on the ‘Traditional Grazing Techniques during Dry Season among Somali Community’ was conducted together with the mentioned directorate. ‘Traditional Marriage Practices among Somali Community’ was also another vital research executed this year.

One more study entitled ‘Pastoral and Agro Pastoral Literature Documentation, Development and Promotion: The Case of Ethiopian Somali Oral Literature’ is going on.

A special visit by Aden Hassen, Minister of Information, Culture and Religion Affairs of the Republic of Djibouti was made including donation of books and lecture offered by the Minister.

A symposium on the ‘Inter-linguistic Relations between Somali and Amharic languages’ was conducted in collaboration with an Ethiopian Somali scholar Mr. Kadar Haji Issa, USA resident.

As a community service activity, the Institute offered short term training for Af-Somali Teachers in Fafan zone in collaboration with JJU Community Service Directorate.

In collaboration with the Regional Bureau of Communications Affairs, Culture and Tourism, the Institute recently commemorated the International Mother Tongue Day with meaningful and promising discussion on the subject.