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Referral Hospital

JJU Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital

Jigjiga University Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital (JJU-MZMRH) was inaugurated in January, 2017 in fond remembrance of the beloved former Ethiopian Prime Minister Ato Meles Zenawi. It is situated in eastern part of Ethiopia, Jigjiga town, the capital city of Ethiopian Somali Regional State (635 KM east of Addis Ababa).JJU-MZMRH is the largest and modern hospital, providing state-of-the-art, and comprehensive service under one roof in eastern Ethiopia. The hospital is built on 60,000 m2 land. The initial contract agreement of the hospital was 250 million Ethiopian Birr entirely financed by the government of Ethiopian Somali Regional State. It is a ground plus two floors building with wide corridors, 8 courtyards, and 364 different sizes of rooms, 4 lifts, 9 stairs, 1 wide ramp and large parking lots. It is planned to provide Preventive, Diagnostic, Curative, Therapeutic, Rehabilitative and Support Services to all patients. In addition to teaching, training and research, JJU-MZMRH is expected to cover an estimated population of more than seven million people living in all zones and districts of the region, neighboring district of Oromia and large part of the neighboring country of Somalia.

The Hospital has a team of dedicated Doctors, Dieticians, Nurses, Midwifes, Physiotherapist and other all trained professionals committed to the welfare of patients. It also has ongoing staff education and training programmes with emphasis on competent and humane care for the patients. Our hospital has a total of 342 beds, a 13 bed Intensive Care Unit, Operation Theatre with the state of art facilities. Round the clock emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Pharmacy and Clinical Lab facilities are available. Since the Hospital is part of Jigjiga University Medicine and Health Science College, it is on the way to organize Residential Internship Programme for Students on an annual basis.

Hospital Manpower

Profession Male female Total Remark
Specialist Doctors (Permanent) 7 1 8 3 surgeons, 2 Internists, 1 pediatrician, 1 Gyn/obs, 1 Ophthalmologist.
Specialist Doctors (Contract) 7 2 9 2 surgeons, 2 pediatricians, 2 Gyn/obs., 2 Radiologists, 1Pathologist.
General Practitioner(GP ) 54 9 63
Nurse 121 67 188 Degree & Diploma
Midwifery 14 74 88 Degree & Diploma
Pharmacist 23 6 29 Degree & Diploma
Laboratory Technician 23 7 30 Degree & Diploma
Other clinical staff 14 8 22 Biomed.,Radiogra.,Anest.,Steri.,HMIS
Supportive staff 138 309 447 Porter & runner, Cleaner, Driver,food,laun…
Administration staff 63 25 88
Grand Total

Services Available

Clinical services Laboratory services Diagnostic Service Other services
OPD medical service (adult and pediatric) Full Clinical chemistry with Lipid profile Test X ray Exam Clinical Pharmacy Service
OPD surgical service (adult and pediatric) P.Morphology Doppler ultrasound Exam Compounding of drugs & medicine
OPD gyn and obstetrics service FNA Pathology CT scan Physiotherapy
OPD psychiatrics service Bacteriology for GRAM & AFB ECG Family Planning
General Surgery Body fluid Analisis Echocardiography Food service for patient
OPD Dermatology All Serology Tests Cervical PAP Health education
24 hrs. Emergency Service (For Adult and Pediatrics) CBC & Electrolyte Test Cervical cancer screening & treatment Environmental health & sanitation.
MNCH service Hormonal Tests Fluoroscopic x-ray Private wing
Inpatient Service T3,T4,TSH,FT3,FT4N Ultrasound Exam Drug Supply
Labor and Delivery service CEA,FPSA,FSH Laundry service for patients
Ophthalmology service Esteradiol, Testosterones Liaison Service
Dental care and treatment B-HCG Central Sterilization
Adult & Pediatric Intensive Care AFP,CA-19-9, CK-MP Triage Service
Neonate Intensive Care Troponine
TB & HIV testing and treatment Prolactine
Main activities done by the Hospital since Tahesas 24/2009 E.C to Sene 30/2009 E.C
(January 2/2017 to July 7/2017):
  1. Total Patient served is 17,798.t
  2. Outpatient service for 9,826 Patients.
  3. Inpatient service for 2,153 Patients.
  4. Emergency service for 3,285 Patients.
  5. Delivery service for 1,060 mothers.
  6. Family planning service for 108 women and Antenatal care service for 1,142 pregnant mothers.
  7. Performed 165 major surgeries and 59 minor surgeries.
  8. Triage, Liaison and social service.
  • 342 beds
  • 3 Operation Theaters
  • ICU
  • C/S Room
  • Neonatal ICU
  • 24 Hours Pharmacy
  • 24 Hours Emergency and Ambulance services
Address of the Hospital

JJU, Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital
Jigjiga City, Kebele 07
Phone No: +251-257-752783, +251-911-916901
Fax: +251-257-755976
P.o.Box: 919
E-mail: /