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by (kemal hashi)
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on 2019-10-12 12:30:22
Jigjiga University Signs MOU with Dexis Consulting Group to Implement a Project that Promotes Religious and Ethnic Tolerance in Ethiopia
Jigjiga University( represented by Dr.Abdi Ahmed, acting president of the univesity)has signed MOU with Dexis Consulting Group(based in Washington and represented by Bronwen Morrison, Senior Director of the project) to partner in the implementation of a project that promotes religious and ethnic tolerance in Ethiopia. Jimma University is also the partner of the project for the pilot period of the project where it's implementation is only limited to Somali and Oromia regional States. The goal of the project is to identify and counter dangerous speech on social media within both regions. Jigjiga University will serve as a resource partner to the Dexis team in implementation of a successful program. Jigjiga University will support Dexis in hosting a successful program research platform, support quarterly meeting of the working group on dangerous speech and help facilitate the creation of peace messaging to build tolerance within and across ethnic and religious cleavages in Ethiopia. Dexis will provide technical assistance and capacity building on the Universities' IT platform utilized to identify dangerous speech within the social media landscape to a select group of certain number of students and the department heads from Journalism and Communications department and school of Computer Science. Moreover, Dexis will provide technical assistance and capacity building with the student working group to develop and disseminate counter dangerous speech messages through social mesia channels. Jigjiga University will continue to partner with organizations and Institutions that will contribute to the peace and development of Ethiopia.
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