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College of Education and Behavioral Studies

The College of Education and Behavioral Studies (CoEBS) was established in 2007 (1999 E.C) though it was known as the Faculty of Education by then.

After the commencement of the add-on approach in Ethiopia, Educational Planning program has been the only department running at a weekend and extension programs in different towns of the Ethiopian Somali Regional State. However, later on, the College launched different programs, namely; Psychology, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and Educational Planning and Management. About 1549 students are now attending their education.

Besides, teacher training development is one of the areas established to upgrade the primary and secondary schools teachers in this Region. All teachers working in ESRS are getting continuous on-job and summer trainings for the last two years in Gode, Qorehie and Jigjiga centers.

Another complementing program for teachers’ professional development is Higher Diploma Program (HDP). Instructors teaching in our University are getting on-job HDP training on different areas such as reflective teaching and thinking, managing learning project, action research and school placement.

To address the increasing demand of human power in early childhood education in the Region, the College also has launched diploma preschool education. More than 140 students are attending their diploma at Summer Program in the Department of ECCE.

The College also offers two postgraduate studies in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and Educational Leadership through both Weekend (Jigjiga and Gode centers) and Regular programs.

For two consecutive years, the College has organized two national (on pastoral education and development, and early childhood care and education) and one international (on quality of education in Ethiopia) conferences. Organizing the 7th annual international conference on status and prospects of quality education for advancing sustainable development in Ethiopia in collaboration with HERQA and ESC was one of the remarkable accomplishments of our College this academic year.

Different trainings have been given for the local community. Recently, the College admitted 63 would-be women directors for general education schools. The training lasts for three months which can be considered as a starting point for the College to provide community services in the Region.

Similarly, our College has recently held a useful discussion with the Region’s Education Bureau on how to enhance ABE teacher’s knowledge and capacity. With the help of experts from Texas Tech University, the College supplied 400 books for kindergarten children in Jigjiga city.

Providing trainings for early childhood education teachers, parents, directors and education officers are the upcoming plans to be operated constantly throughout the Region. The College is also discussing with Texas Tech University to launch a new program - human development and family studies with different specializations - which these fields are offered in Texas Tech University at MA and PhD levels.