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Continuing Professional Development

Health professionals must maintain, update and enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitude to adequately deliver quality health care. This is particularly important due to a changing disease pattern in which diseases that had been eradicated are now reemerging, as well as an increase of non-communicable diseases. There is a need for CPD to maintain professional competence in an environment of numerous challenges, rapid organizational changes, information technology, increasing public expectations and demand for quality and greater accountability.

Purpose of the Guidelines

With the ultimate aim of improving the health status of Ethiopians through the delivery of quality health services by competent health professionals and helps to establish a CPD system in the country through outlining the process of accreditation of CPD accreditors, CPD providers, and CPD courses and then to link CPD with re- licensure.

The objective of this guideline is to provide guidance on :

 The standardization of CPD
 The accreditation of accreditors, CPD providers, and courses
 Course credit designation
 the Responsibilities of major stakeholder on the implementation of CPD program
 the documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of CPD process

CPD Program Guidelines Attachment :

Download and Fill the below forms and send us to from your official mail

Accreditor Status Form for Organizations : Provider Status Form for Organizations :

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