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Libraries and documentation directorate

As gateways to knowledge, Jigjiga University’s libraries are playing a fundamental role in supporting their users by making the discovery and access to high-quality resources as easy and intuitive as possible via attractive and distinctive physical and online environments.

The Libraries and Documentation Directorate functions parallel to the ongoing transformations of society so as to deliver world-class physical and digital content and services critical to research, education, and outreach. This year only, the University bought more than 15, 000 books (hardcopy) and established a well-organized digital library with a collection of 20,000 E-Books and made all these easily accessible to the University community.

The University has one main library and four branch libraries with a wide variety of study spaces in all branches with a total sit capacity of 2,000 users at a time. The libraries have a total collection of more than 100,000 books and 170 librarians.

In order to improve our Customer Service, the Directorate is currently working in collaboration with Addis Ababa University’s libraries on library automation which includes ‘Institutional Repository Using Displace’ and ‘Automated Library system’ using ‘KOHA’.

The services will be completed soon. These automated services will help for quicker cataloging of library items, improve customer service, also make sharing materials from location to location much easier etc.

To make our digital library and other electronic data bases more accessible to all students, one new G+1 Digital Library building which can serve 300-350 students at a time is under construction and is expected to start giving service starting from the next Academic Year.