The College of Business and Economics (CoBE) was established in 2007, right after the University was founded.
With the main vision to create qualified professionals, the College produces experts in the areas of finance, investment, business and personnel management, leadership in public and business development organizations, and macro and micro economic aspects.

Currently, the College has a total of 109 academic staffs; 69 master’s degree holders, 2 PhDs, 17 PhD candidates and the remaining 21 are first degree holders. In addition to the regular students, CoBE has 3,400 students of evening, weekend and summer programs in Accounting, Management, Public administration and Development Management, and Economics departments.

The College this year has been involved in re-organizing its human resources, offices, office materials, smart classes, reference materials, computer laboratories, training rooms, staff reading and waiting rooms, and peer-learning zones to strengthen the efforts of assuring quality education.

It has been also cooperating with the University’s community, outside partnerships and concerned bodies in conducting researches, community services, different trainings and workshops in the areas of its domain.
College of Business and Economics (CoBE)
5th Eastern Ethiopian Economic Development Conference organized by JJU’s CoBE
The new Smart Class rooms serve as vital tools for quality education delivery in the College
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Student Information Management System (SIMS)
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One Card System
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