These days, planning is a basic requirement for an institution’s survival. Institutions usually look ahead, anticipate change, and develop strategy to proactively and successfully navigate through the turbulence created by change. Based on this circumstance, Jigjiga University did a lot.

Highlights of this year’s performance

  Well organized classroom management system

  Started studies by cooperative learning in dormitories with download audio - visual materials and digital library

  Equipped  core reference books in 3:1 ratio (3 books to 1 student) - GTP II estimated target is 1 book to 5 students

  Performance budgeting was successfully rolled out to almost all work units

  Established especial office for international alignment & lobbying

  Implemented Academic Promotion and Reputability Guideline

  Established Regional Research Forum

  Started one card system, online grade submission, security camera in library & students cafeteria

  Started exam banking

  Technology transfer in eight fields

  Implemented think out of the box philosophy and made all work units to lead, organize and works in new ways
Plan preparation, monitoring and evaluation directorate
Engineering park
ICT Help Desk
Student Information Management System (SIMS)
Online Student Information
One Card System
Digital Library
On-line Public Accesses Catalogue (OPAC)
Institutional Repository
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