The level of internal funding availed for research projects had witnessed substantial reform and improvement in 2009 E.C. Accordingly, moving away from its original fragmented and small amount of annual research funding scheme, DRPTT introduced a multiple years, interdisciplinary and collaborative mega-projects grant system.
After initial capacity building training, a total of 56 mega-research project proposals engaging a total of 204 JJU researchers were submitted for funding. After college and University level screening, 22 mega-research projects involving 135 JJU researchers had received funding approval and have been commenced.

In addition to its regular research funding scheme, the Directorate has established dedicated grant opportunities targeting technology transfer, students, female staffs and projects collaborating with the Ethiopian Somali Regional Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Research Institute (ESoRPARI). Accordingly, competitive funding of more than 1million Birr has been provided to 8 technology transfer projects (Dairy, Water/Power conservation, etc.), currently underway participating 32 JJU academic staffs and 450 pastoral/agro-pastoral beneficiaries. In addition, competitive funding of 73, 880.00 Birr has been offered to five graduation research projects.

With an aim of improving women capacity and role in research, scientific methodology and ethics, training has been offered to around 30 JJU female academic staffs. Thereafter, 7 teams comprising 25 female staffs have received funding of 517, 201.50 Birr to undertake research on a wide range of locally relevant topics.

Realizing pressing need to transform regional agricultural sector, JJU has signed a research collaboration memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ESoRPARI. In line with this arrangement, DRPTT has allocated funding of about 4 million Birr to collaborative JJU - ESoRPARI research projects focused on increasing crop and livestock production. Therein, the partner has been committed to avail much needed field research expertise and facilities to the collaborating JJU experts.    

The office of DRPTT has also taken further steps towards developing institutional research and demonstration facilities. This year, DRPTT secured a nursery site and 10 hectares crop demonstration farm plot, and established experimental Green/Lath houses.

Dissemination of research outputs through relevant publications and stakeholders discourse platforms represents high stake assignments for the Directorate. This year alone, a total of 24 critically peer-reviewed pastoralism related research articles from different disciplines (education, health, agriculture, natural resources, finance, etc) have been published and disseminated in 4 conference/workshop proceedings.

On a related note, the Directorate has formally launched the first JJU journal publication program designated “East African Journal of Pastoralism (EAJP)”. The Journal, which is currently accepting 1st issue contributions, is anticipated to foster scientific discourse on East African pastoralism.

Directorate of Research, Publication and Technology Transfer (DRPTT)
Moreover, DTPTT in collaboration with different and external stakeholders has organized three international (Topical Diseases, Nutrition and Health, and Higher Education) and two national conferences on pastoralism and human trafficking, and a national workshop on Dry-land Agriculture. These events brought together a wide range of stakeholders including representatives from Federal and Regional government offices, UN agencies, other NGO’s, Regional community, most Ethiopian universities, and multiple foreign universities (such as Texas Tech University, Ohio State University, Daystar University, Ain Shams University, Vaal University of Technology etc.).
To summarize, DRPTT has exerted strong effort and registered substantial progress this year towards accomplishing its mandated missions. Going forward, the Directorate is committed to build up current lessons and achievements towards realizing the scope, quality and relevant impacts of academic, research and community engagement programs envisioned by JJU.
The Directorate of Research Publication and Technology Transfer (DRPTT) is a core academic wing of Jigjiga University (JJU) mandated with a critical mission of promoting, facilitating and developing institutional research and research translation programs so as to enhance impacts on societal progress and advancement of science. 
Over the past couple of years, DRPTT has continuously strived to improve the scope and significance of its services. This Academic Year, the Directorate has disseminated its revised research and technology transfer thematic areas as well as policy and guidelines to the wider University community and relevant external stakeholders. Furthermore, DRPTT and its operational units have adopted service provision standards dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and administrative efficiency.
Production of cheese from camel milk using lemon juice
Formulation and evaluation of antimicrobial polyherbal ointment from popular botanicals traditionally used for skincare and wound healing
The 7th annual Proposal Review Workshop: Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim, President delivering speech
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